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Non Fire Rated Flush Doors

We are capable of manufacturing various core and any type of wooden flush doors such as HOLLOW (HONEY COMB CARTOON), SEMI-SOLID (TUBULAR CHIPBOARD) and SOLID (PARTICLE BOARD, CHIPBOARD or FLAXBOARD) core. Door faces finish can varies from NATURAL VENEER, RECONSTITUTED VENEER, HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE (HPL), MELAMINE or POLYURETHANE PAINTED. see more on door faces and finishes

We have also the capabilities to manufacture massive decorative timber doors of any wood species. We are also capable of manufacturing decorative wooden flush doors such as applied moulding, raised panels or simply machined groove designs. Design can either be custom design or standard METALCO designs. see more on door designs

MAXIMUM STANDARD DOOR LEAF SIZE is equal to 44 X 1200 X 2400 MM. Any size larger than the specified maximum standard door leaf size can be discussed and agreed during the order and will varies on the type of door faces required. We can produce a door with the maximum thickness of 65 mm.

Door Cut Outs:  Vision Panel and/or Louver

Door Frame Material:  Timber, Engineered Wood, Hollow Metal, Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Door Types:
  Solid Panel Doors
  Flush Doors
  Acoustic Doors
  Lead Lined Doors
  Fire Rated Doors (US Std.)
  Fire Rated Doors (BS Std.)
  Frames for Wood Doors
  Wooden Accessories
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  Faces and Finishes
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