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Non Fire Rated Hollow Metal and Stainless Steel Doors

Metalco capable of manufacturing various door types of Non Fire Rated Doors could be either Hollow Metal or Stainless Steel Doors. Manufactured from cold rolled or galvanized steel and from stainless steel of either 18, 16 and 14 gauges.

We are also able to manufacture Lead Lined Doors commonly used to Radiology and X-rays Rooms of Hospitals and Clinics.

Hollow Metal Doors finishes vary from epoxy primed, painted, and powered coated wrinkled or smooth finishes.

Door Cut Outs: :  Vision Panel and/or Louver, or Integrated Louver except for Lead Lined Doors

Door Types:
  Hollow Metal Doors
  Stainless Steel Doors
  Lead Lined Doors
  Fire Rated Metal Doors
  Fire Rated Stainless Steel
  Metal Frames
  Acoustical Doors
  Blast Resistant Doors
  Bullet Resistant Doors
  Sliding Doors

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